Hello and welcome to this article about barbeques. Barbeques are our passion some may say obsession. 
Barbeques are not just for weekends at home, they can be the hearth of your group holiday. Barbeques are for everyone. 
We know that while nothing beats the traditional snags and steak, barbeques are versatile cooking tools that can facilitate a massive range of flavours and techniques. Barbeques are a very popular way of cooking and are part of the Australian summer lifestyle, but they are also a source of many fires each year. Barbeques are usually kept outside and they deteriorate quickly in the weather. 

Now balcony barbeques are being marketed as the perfect solution for the space-conscious cook and are being sold by several online retailers. Our barbeques are perfect for parties, weddings or any social and corporate events which will ensure your clients are impressed from our service, and provides and great centre piece for all occasions. 
Many people only think of burgers and sausages when barbeques are mentioned, but there is so much more that can be done than that! Picnics and barbeques are frequent occurrences during the summer months, when weekends, holidays, and vacations are often cause for celebration with family and friends. 

Charcoal barbeques are cheaper to buy than gas barbeques and are also portable so can be easily moved to your preferred spot in the garden. Most fires involving barbeques are due to leaking gas bottles, faulty connections or a build-up of grease and fat. When it comes to your menu, take the opportunity to go past the classics when you can barbeques can help you create delicious gourmet meals featuring a diverse range of flavours and styles. Assembly time for most barbeques can take 1-2 hours for a medium size BBQ and even longer for more complicated units. The beauty of portable barbeques, including fire pits, bowls, rings and tubs, is that these barbeques can be moved depending on the time of year and weather. 

Company picnics and barbeques often plan many activities and games for adults and children because it often turns into a family event. Summer fun with great picnics and barbeques often bring people together with favorite foods. 
Summer parties, picnics and barbeques often lead us to increase alcohol consumption, sugary foods such as ice-cream and cakes and decrease in fruit and vegetables. Summer barbeques often lead to plates heaped with hamburgers, chips and potato salads. Backyard barbeques often include having a few beers or mixed drinks. Picnics and barbeques often top the list of activities for the long holiday weekend.


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