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Hello and welcome to this article about organo gold.  Organo Gold is a so-called multi-level marketer, in which independent representatives can earn income both by selling the company’s products, which they must purchase, and recruiting others to work as distributors. Organo Gold is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company selling their own “unique coffee”.  Organo Gold is not a scam, neither it is a pyramid scheme. Organo Gold is a Ganoderma company disguised as a coffee company! Since Organo Gold is a MLM company, there are two main lines of product, one for the consumers and one for the Distributors (people who want to make money with OG). But Organo Gold is NOT a pyramid scheme because apart from recruiting, they’re also selling their own unique products. 

However, what surprised me is the Organo Gold is completely honest and open about their income disclosure, despite they have a low earning potential. Organo Gold is an multilevel marketing opportunity revolving around coffee that claims incredible health benefits. Organo Gold is a global network marketing company revolving around coffee with independent distributors in over 50 countries. In essence, Organo Gold is a Ganoderma company using coffee as its vehicle. 
Other than instant coffee, the only active ingredient in Organo Gold is the powdered mushroom, which is organically sourced and held to have a wide range of positive benefits, including encouraging a healthy metabolism. 

Organo Gold is meant to be a new kind of coffee that you drink in order to take advantage of its active ingredients; you should not take it in addition to your usual consumption of coffee. Organo Gold is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company founded by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand back with Holton Buggs as the Vice President of Sales back in 2008. 
In hopes of expanding their territories worldwide, Organo Gold is quickly reaching out to different countries and one of them is Guyana. Organo Gold is just like any other MLM schemes, they use a pyramid system and have a catalyst to shield their MLM intentions and in this case, coffee. 

Honestly, I think that Organo Gold is a decent product for those looking for a possible healthier alternative to coffee. 
Organo Gold is dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development and an ever expanding line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products. Organo Gold is proud to mark the start of a new generation with the introduction of The King of Coffee. Organo Gold is another MLM beverage company offering a home business opportunity selling coffee and tea. Whether its improved health, more time freedom or better wealth, Organo Gold can help you achieve your goals. Close your eyes and embrace the royalty roasted blend of rich black coffee a brewed coffee experience that only Organo Gold can deliver with the rewarding benefits of Ganoderma. 

Members of Organo Gold can also look forward to Unilevel Commissions, Matching Bonus, and Generational Bonus.

Organo gold


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