Biometric Security Fingerprint Car Starter/alarm




  • ultimate Vehicle Security System
  • Biometris Fingerprint Security
  • Multiple Programable Users
  • Live Fimgerprint Identification
  • Uses 4 Biological Markers
Our Flagship System is the “Cellularm” Fingerprint Car Starter/Alarm. This amazing unit
works on ANY car, truck, boat, or RV or any other vehicle with a gasoline or deisel
engine that utilizes a conventional ignition and fuel system. Built around exclusive
technology known as “Live Fingerprint Identification” it uses the Four biological
markers of pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, and the capillary patterns in the
skin, as well as a proprietary “3 Dimensional Scan Technology” to verify your
fingerprint two ways. The ridges of the print itself, AND the DEPTH of the valleys
BETWEEN the ridges. There are a few fingerprint ID systems available right now. But if
you look at the description of how they work you will find out that everything available
as well as everything in developement is nothing more that “Image Scanners”. Will they
identify a fingerprint? Yes. Much like the print ID system used by law enforcement. The
biggest flaw in this type of system is that it can be circumvented with an IMAGE of a
print or a reverse wax impression (just like in the movies). Not very secure is it? These
companies mis-lead consumers by labeling their products as “Biometric Optical
Identification”. Sounds impressive, and the word “Optical” is accurate. Some simply
use the word “Biometric”. Technically speaking, your fingerprint is a biological marker.
But the bottom line is this: they do nothing more than simply scan a one dimensional
image that is then stored in it’s limited capacity data base for comparison. They are
NOT “True Live Biometrics” by any stretch of the imagination. Our unit also has
“function expandable characteristics” that can be upgraded and conformed to your
specific needs, while the others only have one function, the START function. This
leaves no room for expansion and no product flexibility to extend the functions or tap
into future upgrades.
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